Quarterly Gardner Report in!

Low interest rates for buyers and due to lower inventory, its a sellers market, WIN WIN for both sides!!

Let me know if you want to list or buy a property, now is the time to do it!


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Posted on August 12, 2019 at 5:24 pm
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Significant Drop in Mortgage Interest Rates

There have been significant drops in mortgage rates over the last couple of months.  Are you thinking about purchasing in the next couple of years? I would seriously consider doing it sooner than later.  Windermere’s economist Matthew Gardner predicts that interest rates won’t be dipping this low again.  This low of interest rates dramatically affects your monthly mortgage amount.  With interest rates this low you can be eligible to buy possibly significantly higher dollar amount than what you think you can afford right now. Let me know if you want to look into what you qualify for and what your monthly mortgage amounts could be.

Here is a quick video about predictions for interest rates in the next year.

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Home Update: Little tasks that prevent big problems


Summer is a great time to catch up on a few home maintenance tasks.  When you maintain your house regularly this helps prevent big problems in the future as well as save you money!

Easy Summer house maintenance tasks:

  • Clean roof if needed:

Clean roof by spraying moss and algae killer on the roof and then in a couple of days spraying off the moss with a hose. NEVER PRESSURE WASH A ROOF! (Don’t forget to clean the gutters after this)

  • Use pressure washer to remove moss from sidewalks, driveways, decks, patios:

If you do not own one, borrow from a neighbor or rent one from local hardware store

  • Have furnace serviced

Summer is cheapest time of the year to get your furnace maintained and you know it will be ready when the time comes to use it!

  • Inspect for plants and bushes on fences and siding of house

Stake or tie back plants away from house and fences to prevent rot- this little task can save LOTS of money and headache in the future

  • Seal your deck if needed

Spray water over your deck- if it beads the sealer is sound.  If the water soaks in- it needs to be re-sealed.  Sealing a deck and fence increases the longevity by protecting it from sun and water


Let me know if you want monthly tips on how to maintain and update your home and we can add you to our list to receive our Home Update Brochure!

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Home Update: Kitchen Remodels

The kitchen is the room in the house that most home owners would choose to remodel if they could, I am going to give you some tips on kick starting a kitchen remodel!

  • Gather your thoughts: look on pinterest, houzze and magazines to get ideas
  • Ask your self what you want out of your new kitchen: Do you want to serve meals in the kitchen?, Do you want to have an island? Where do you want to store things to maximize efficiency?
  • Make a list of desired features from the answers
  • Determine a budget: replacing cabinets is usually 40% of the budget (refacing is a less expensive alternative), make sure you can afford the kitchen you want, or make adjustments
  • Find a contractor: Let me know and I can help you find ones!
  • Prepare a temporary kitchen: use camping gear or use a utility sink

A client of mine (who happens to also be my daughter 😉) just recently updated her kitchen and used these steps:

  • List of desired features: One big sink, garbage pull out, open up kitchen nook so that it could accommodate more people for entertaining, more storage space for kitchen appliances, display glassware, canned lights
  • Determine Budget: $13,000 (this is an extremely small budget; average cost of kitchen remodel is $23,000 – $70,000)
  • Find a contractor: Father in law who happens to be free! Therefore, being able to keep the budget
  • Prepare a temporary kitchen: My daughter borrowed a RV and parked it in front of the house! This also allowed her to hang out in a separate space than the crazy construction zone that a house is in when a remodel is going on!

Here are a couple of before, during and near completion pics:

Finished product:

Cabinets from Lowes- had to make adjustments on cabinetry due to costs, but they turned out still loving them!

Countertops from Home Depot- they were having a 20% off promotion and this also included the sink.  Precision countertops installed them, and they did a great job!

Tile from Home depot

Knobs from Target and Amazon: Love the look of the copper accents!

Kitchen near completion and clients couldn’t be happier!

Let me know if you would like more tips on kitchen remodels as well or a monthly newsletter with tips on how to update your home and ideas on how to increase value on your home.


See you next month on how to make easy updates to your house for guests that have access issues.


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Spring has Sprung!

Spring is here- Selling and buying are trending up, contact me if you want specific information about YOU or YOUR home!

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