Uncategorized July 18, 2019

Home Update: Little tasks that prevent big problems


Summer is a great time to catch up on a few home maintenance tasks.  When you maintain your house regularly this helps prevent big problems in the future as well as save you money!

Easy Summer house maintenance tasks:

  • Clean roof if needed:

Clean roof by spraying moss and algae killer on the roof and then in a couple of days spraying off the moss with a hose. NEVER PRESSURE WASH A ROOF! (Don’t forget to clean the gutters after this)

  • Use pressure washer to remove moss from sidewalks, driveways, decks, patios:

If you do not own one, borrow from a neighbor or rent one from local hardware store

  • Have furnace serviced

Summer is cheapest time of the year to get your furnace maintained and you know it will be ready when the time comes to use it!

  • Inspect for plants and bushes on fences and siding of house

Stake or tie back plants away from house and fences to prevent rot- this little task can save LOTS of money and headache in the future

  • Seal your deck if needed

Spray water over your deck- if it beads the sealer is sound.  If the water soaks in- it needs to be re-sealed.  Sealing a deck and fence increases the longevity by protecting it from sun and water


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